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Jennifer Lauren is a Canadian recording artist and performer. Jennifer was selected out of 30,000 applicants to take part in the 6 week ISINA mentorship program in Los Angeles and was one of the winners! She had the chance to work with and be mentored by industry professionals like Tim Davis, Walter Afanasieff, and Randy Jackson.

Jennifer spent time recording in studios like Sunset Sound and Henson Studios. She worked with dancers, choreographer Free Boogie and did a photoshoot at Milk Studios. She has also shot promotional footage in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Jennifer had two singles, Now Or Never and Enemy, air on one of Russia's top television dramas called Silver Spoon (мажор - season 3 episodes 1 & 4). Their new season will soon air on Netflix.


MAY 1 2019

Talking Upcoming Single "Rainin' In London"

Rainin’ in London, will be out May 2nd on all platforms. I’ll also be performing...

FEB 12 2019

Getting to Know Jennifer Lauren

It was really surreal to be standing in studios used by legends. I mean, I was in the same studio as...

JAN 24 2019

Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Lauren

It's a funny story, actually! I recorded this song a little over a year ago while taking part in a program...